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Originally housing 24 of Rudolf II's marksmen, this hotchpotch of tiny, colourful houses runs the length of the northern wall of Prague Castle directly in between the New White Tower (B�l� v�) and Daliborka Tower.
The name of the lane is used from 1670s,when it gave rise to a legend that the lane had been occupied by Rudolph�s alchemists. Restored 1952 - 1955
on the Prague Castle


Gothic architecture and Baroque sculpture combine in the Charles Bridge, which arches over the river Vltava in Prague's "Lesser Quarter." This magnificent structure alone is worth booking cheap flights to Prague today!

Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV (Karel IV) started the bridge in 1357. The work was completed by the architect Petr Parler, who transformed the Emperor's cornerstone into a a gothic monument. The two-story bridge tower is lavishly decorated and carved with sculptures of the Emperor, his son Wenceslas, and Saint Vitus.
Rows of Baroque statues were added during the 18th century.
The bridge is 516 meters long and 9 and a half meters wide. Popular with tourists and street artists, the bridge offers scenic views of golden stucco buildings below.
over the river Vltava in Prague's "Lesser Quarter."


At the northwestern corner of Hradcansk� n�mest�, Kanovnick� heads off towards the northwest corner of Hradcany. Nestling in this shallow dip, Novy Svet (meaning "New World", though not Dvor�k's) provides a glimpse of life on a totally different scale from Hradcansk� n�mest�. Similar in many ways to the Zlat� ulicka in the Hrad, this cluster of brightly coloured cottages, which curls around the corner into Cern�nsk�, is all that's left of Hradcany's medieval slums, painted up and sanitized in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Despite having all the same ingredients for mass tourist appeal as Zlat� ulicka, it remains remarkably undisturbed, save for a few swish wine bars, and Gambra, a surrealist art gallery at Cern�nsk� 5 (March-Oct Wed-Sun noon-6pm; Nov-Feb Sat & Sun noon-6pm), which sells works by, among others, the renowned Czech animator, Jan Svankmajer, and his wife Eva, who live nearby.
At the northwestern corner of Hradcansk� n�mest�


An island under the Charles Bridge, giving a view of the river Vltava and the National Theatre. At one time famous for its potters' markets.
Known as the Venice of Prague, Kampa Island has been formed by a branch of the Vltava called the Devil's Stream (�ertovka). Originally there were only gardens on the island but it was also used for washing clothes and bleaching linen. In the 17th century the island became well known for its pottery markets. Today it is an elegant part of Prague with a village-like character.


A small imitation of the Eiffel Tower, Petrin Tower was built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition. The tower is 60m tall, which doesn't sound particularly high until you remember that it has the additional height of Petrin Hill on which it stands.
The view is magnificent and well worth the 299-steps climb to the viewing platform. On a clear day it is even possible to see the highest peak in the Czech Republic, Snezka, which is 150km from the tower.
The Observation Tower and a manicured garden dominate the hill summit, while halfway down are two famous restaurants Nebozizek and Petrinske Terasy where you can enjoy a perfect meal with a perfect view of Prague.
Don't forget the hall of mirrors for a new and varied perspective of yourself - also on the summit.
Much of the building stone for the major sights in Prague was quarried out of Petrin, however today this is not noticeable beneath the trees and gardens.
The hill is 318m (1043 feet) high. For the less energetic, a funicular runs for the small price of a normal tram ticket.
Mala Strana (Lesser Town)


Situated on a plateau above Prague, few sites could be more beautiful, set apart, yet so fully accessible in the middle of the pulsing city. Even a hundred years ago gentlemen and ladies in their best Sunday clothes promenaded its wide lanes, shaded by leafy overhanging branches from the park's many trees.


This beautiful Baroque garden was designed by Franti�ek Maxmili�n Ka�ka in about 1720. Statues and vases are by Mathias Brown. There is a good view of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town from the terrace.
on the Lesser Town under Prague Castle


The Krizik's Fountain, which was built in 1891, is a generally admired monument and without exaggeration a European unique.
To the visitor it offers an unrepeatable artistic experience from beautiful music accompanied by an aquatic dance with colour light effects.
This splendid water monument, the dominant of the Exhibition Ground, has already won many admirers.
Vystaviste (fairground) - Praha-Holesovice
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